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Claudia Martinelli

Wedding Planner


Who am I? Here I am, I introduce myself, this is me Claudia Martinelli. I’m a wedding planner in Verona, a businesswoman mother, and this tells her everything about my “super powers” and my ability to handle time and the unforeseen.

I help couples live the period of wedding planning in a serene and stress free way, to get to the big day with more energy and without unnecessary worries.

I plan a path where future spouses are like travelers on a train that enjoys traveling comfortably looking from the window. Once defined the goal (and what Goal!) Do not get fatigued and they do not stress themselves thinking about how to reach the destination. Travelers who don’t worry or better do not care about everything that is needed to plan the trip, such as stops and timing. Travelers want to be driven and want to grow in this great adventure.

I believe in people and sharing with others.
Everyone is wonderful and has a lot to give.


My story

I was born on 19 March 1972 in Verona, under the sign of the Pisces.

I am an imaginative person, used to think outside the box, creative. Since childhood I was showing this skill attending painting courses e dreaming of becoming a fashion designer. My dad was tailor and I was always in the lab with him.

I’m extremely sensitive especially when I care about something or someone. I am a great thinker and I make great plans, I think so much before taking a decision.

I attended the scientific high school where I had a predilection for math, I also secretly loved Latin, but Italian was never my strong one.

After high school I attended Management Engineering University of Padua at Vicenza. I started my life as commuter by train. I met my husband. I graduated on 20 May 1998.

I am a hopeless romantic and dreamer, sometimes I have to force myself to keep my feet on the ground. In my job as wedding planner  I combine these skills to dream but also how to realize the dream.

I like to talk and I love discussing on challenging topics but I appreciate the silence. I am very empathetic.

Generally, I like the simple things. Less is more.

I got married on 2 October 1999. I was wearing my mother’s wedding dress that I had played for so many times during my adolescence, but also before. A 60’s empire style, very simple, practically a tunic but with a French lace that I adored.

At age 31 and 34, my children Leonardo and Lara were born.

My life was ok but I did not like the work I was doing.

At the age of 40 I was deeply in crisis as a woman and I tried to change. It’s just started my personal and professional growth path that made me become a wedding planner, believe in a project and realize it.

I prefer a failure to regret. I thin it’s never a real failure because or you win or you learn. I’m on the go and I believe in this work, I would not be back.

My Why

I do this work for the love of it or perhaps as a vocation. I am incredible in listening to people, always looking for the ideal solution, the best for whom I am helping. I’m excited about simple things, I love creating true relationships.

I devoted most of my life to studying and I have not stopped (but I will never stop!), to my family and to my children. Most of all I try to understand my true essence and how to improve myself every day.

Working with me you can expect understanding and empathy, my gentle and sincere way of doing will make us come in tune immediately.

I do many roles as Wedding Planner: I do the guide, the secretary, the confidant, the engineer, the creative, but above all I am a person to count on! A person to confide in even your secret fears or anguish without worrying about hearing you judged.

I strongly believe that my work is important because it supports the couple in a critical period (really it is). The period of planning is full with decisions to be taken, emotions to manage, family relationships to be reconciled. My help can be useful transforming a stressful period in a enchanting and serene period allowing you to enjoy all your travel not just the destination.

I really like the travel metaphor because it gives the idea of the benefit that one can get hiring a wedding planner. If you think without a good trip you will get tired and you will not fully enjoy the result of your efforts, commitment, time spent preparing everything. What a waste!

I am here to tell you, and I will do it often, that you are not alone, that I like to accompany you, that I love my work. Your emotions and your love are fuel, your vital energy satisfaction to me.

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