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Why hire a destination wedding planner in Verona, Italy?

If you have decided to have a destination wedding in Verona in Italy, is time to decide if you want to hire a destination wedding planner or doing by yourself. If you want to hire a wedding planner you must decide whether to use a destination wedding planner from your area, or to search a planner based at your wedding destination.

Probably there are lots of destination wedding planners in your area who have experience in numerous wedding destinations, but if you decide for a destination planner of your area it is necessary finding one who actually has experience working where you plan to get married.

If you opt for a planner based where you will get married, what are the advantages of this choice?

I am one of that wedding destination planner that work in Verona area and I can explain to you benefits to hire a wedding planner on site.  Let’s see togheter the advantages:

  • Venues and vendors in-depth knowledge : 

I know very well my area so I know the venues and vendors working here.

I’ve planned multiple events in my area and probably someone at your specific venue (if you have just fixed one). If you haven’t one I can really help you to find the perfect one for your specific needs. In Verona area, like Valpolicella, city center or Garda Lake there are a lot of wedding locations so it will be overwhelming for you to find alone yours. I have developed good relationships with local suppliers finding the ideal solution for you and your budget.

  • Attractions, activities, accomodations experience : 

I am informed about best attractions, activities, and accommodations to recommend to you and your guests during the period you will stay in Verona area. I do everytime required this service for my foreigners couples and, most of all, I live in this area.

  • Time zone area : 

I live in Verona and I can interact with local vendors when they are open and have immediate answers if I call them. Time zone difference is another important factor to be considered if you’re planning a wedding in Verona. If you live in a place with a big time difference from Verona It will be difficult to communicate with every vendors because of delay of answers, which probably slows the planning process down.

  • Italian language :

I speak Italian, obviously, so it’s more easy for me to explain and manage relationship between your suppliers and you. I can translate your vision and communicate your specific needs to them. Language is important because I can communicate more effectively with everyone without misunderstanding for the language.

  • Legal paperwork assistance :

Last but not least, if you decide to have a legal destination wedding in Verona not a symbolic one, I can communicate easily with the town halls helping you to understand the legal obligations and paperwork you are going to have to fulfill. Perhaps this is one of the biggest challenges a couple will face when planning their wedding abroad. I can help you doing every formality and documents step by step, at the right time. I can actually walk you through the process. I take care of all legal formalities, registrations, document verifications, and everything else related to it. This is the biggest responsabily work that I can do for you.

Verona will be a perfect destination for your wedding. The reasons why you should choose Verona are many; perhaps you visited it in the past and you fall in love with or maybe he/she ask you to marry in this romantic town. Verona is mainly known as Romeo and Juliet set and it’s not false that you can live a particular love energy here. Read more on Verona here.

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