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    Plan it,
    DO IT"

Wedding planner in Verona

Choosing to write “let’s plan” naturally involves your attendance, but remember that you will always be deciding on the degree of involvement you want to have in your wedding planning.

There are mainly two ways we can work together, and in both you will be surprised to find out how, thanks to my help, arranging your wedding in Verona is simpler than you think.

Working with me you will find out how relaxing and fun it is to be carried out step by step with a professional method. I want to guide you in this new adventure.

Read below and choose the option that best suits you:

Do you want a Wedding Planner for your wedding in Verona?

Do you want a Wedding Day Coordinator for your big day in Verona?

Why hire a destination wedding planner in Verona?


Are you still doubtful about the help that the wedding planner can give you in a destination wedding?

Are you still uncertain whether or not to hire a wedding planner to organize your wedding in Verona?

I don’t want to convince you to hire a wedding planner but I want you to be aware of what you are giving up. How?

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With me you can easily decide to be helped and followed:

  • “only” for a small part of the organization (MINI SERVICE)
  • step by step throughout the project (FULL SERVICE)
  • with a myriad of other intermediate possibilities that involve the combination of multiple mini services.

The various combinations of mini services form more complex services tailored to your specific needs. You can start having fun thinking about what you can need or you can simply contact me to see together what is your perfect piece or union for you.

Let’s see them more detailed

I have identified the most critical areas of the organization.
All of them can be viewed individually as a mini service or in a wider plan of design, which is “full service”.
Within each area, the possibilities of implementation are many. Personalization is maximum.


I help you first by doing clarity starting from the budget study. This is one of the starting points for organizing of your wedding because, though in large numbers at first, it allows you to understand what your real possibilities are. It is crucial to define spending priorities because it permits us to focus more on some aspects and less on others.


It’s also important to define the style that you want to give to the organization start-up with the budget. Knowing better your couple allows me to do a more effective search job, only in this way, I’m sure I can propose targeted and customized solutions for you. The definition of style does not arise from something external but it is born of you, it is nothing other than you are. The consistency of the project with you is very important for me.


I help you with all the research work of all the providers you need for the success of your wedding. I always look for the best solution for my customers without stopping at a narrower circle of suppliers. The research work always begins after having at least defined the available budget and the style of marriage at least in great detail.


I help you with a limited selection of suppliers per category in line with your budget, your priorities, and your style. Avoid too many alternatives to prevent confusion. Restricting the range of possibilities will help you focus on those really useful for you and will not waste your time. Decisions are always taken by the couple, wedding planner can not do this for it.


It helps you manage stress by working stepwise and submitting a question at a time. This method prevent to get frustrated and in time or not to find ideal solution for you. Using a timeline during organization allows you to see the progress of the project and to check it. Timing is basic for a good organization.


It helps you to create coherence, the fil rouge, that is what you notice most in an event. The detail can be beautiful but it must be inserted into a context and be part of a project that amplifies it and emphasizes it. But I will help you especially with the coordination and management of all selected suppliers both during the organization and during the event.


  • Wide range

    I have a wide range of services and mini-services to meet the needs of all couples.

  • Starting Data

    The budget study and style definition are certainly good starting points for the entire planning project. They are the inputs needed for effective research work.

  • Decisions

    They are always taken by the couple. Each vendor is always selected by the couple and all payments are made directly to the suppliers by the couple.

  • Availability

    Unlimited availability via email, phone, Skype. Meetings are required, also by Skype, for project start-up, progress and end-work, and at all site inspections for the various vendors needed.

  • Online

    Ability to use a free online program to share the progress of the entire organization and allow you to follow the organization in real time according to your availability of time and with the ability to interact.

  • Payments

    The remuneration for my services is paid directly and completely by the bride and groom. I do not take commissions from the suppliers. This allows me to go in search and get discounts. Request a confirmatory deposit (non-refundable) of about 30% of the value of the service at the confirmation and signing of the contract. You can pay in installments. A regular invoice is issued for each payment.

  • Planning path

    My goal is to realize your ideal reception by going through a constructive and stress-free journey. For me, it’s important you have a good time during organization to get stressless to the big day. Path WOW => Wedding Day WOW .

  • Pinterest

    Creating a Pinterest Board to share the ideas of the setting you like through the images of this social.

  • First meeting

    The first meeting is always FREE and not binding. It’s up to you to know me better and for me to understand what you need to prepare an ad hoc quote. Find out here who I am.

  • Step by step

    I have a rational working method,  I write everything with everyone working step by step allowing the couple to take part of the process.

  • Custom tailored

    I do not have pre-set packages, the service is customized to the maximum. The tailoring cut is the one that best suits your uniqueness. With me you can buy only one mini service or decide for a full service, the choice is just yours!

  • Openeness

    Suppliers offered to the couple are in line with the couple’s style and budget requirements. I am not bound by any supplier, which means maximum transparency and openness in seeking the best suppliers for the couple’s needs.

Let’s plan!

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