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  • “There is no world without Verona walls But purgatory, torture, hell itself.”

    Romeo and Juliet – William Shakespeare




Weddings in Verona

Important introduction

I’m always a bit reluctant to publish my “weddings” even though I realize that seeing beautiful pictures always makes a great impression on who is dreaming of the big day. I have selected few of them and I want to explain my vision.

My wedding planner work in Verona is all that’s behind these wonderful photos of professionals that I really enjoy. It’s a job of months of research, selections, contacts, meetings, surveys, projects, budgets that can not be seen in any photo. I do not care about graphics, I do not make decorations or floral arrangements, I do not cook, I almost never do anything tangible that can be portrayed by a shot I am not a photographer. My service is virtually invisible to many. Many invited do not even notice my presence that day.

The only element in which I can say that my work shine through the pictures is a percentage (I do not want to take all credits) of that smile that spouses show up, is the serenity that comes from their faces because they know that I am there  and we did a good job. Only they know how much they have done in the previous months and how much I can have raised them in this delicate period. Get married in Verona!


video Alberto e Alessandra

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Verona and its area:
Beauties to discover.

Are you still doubtful about the help that the wedding planner can give you in a destination wedding?

Are you still uncertain whether or not to hire a wedding planner to organize your wedding in Verona?

I don’t want to convince you to hire a wedding planner but I want you to be aware of what you are giving up. How?

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