I love winter wedding, still too little considered in our ​​Verona area and I really want to decline this Hygge mood in the wedding world.

As I say in my diary (read here) Hygge [HU-GAH] is part of Danish culture and is a term that means “being with loved ones in an intimate, serene and welcoming atmosphere”. Hygge more than a style is an emotional state.

The idea is to create an intimate and comfortable atmosphere for the wedding day to spend time with family and friends trying to make everyone feel at ease.

From here the project of the symbolic marriage of Megan and Nathan was developed and thanks to them I discovered to have a very hyggelig soul.

This adventure began, as often happens in the weddings organization , from the search for the location. Having already defined the style and theme above all, we needed the right location. The location was definitely a key element for the type of wedding we had in mind and Tenuta Le Cave in Tregnago, Verona, was perfect. In Verona and surroundings there are many wedding venues, but the characteristics that should have been were clear: we needed a location with the idea of home, well furnished, with a Nordic style and a fundamental element: the fireplace.

Immersed in the lands of Amarone, Tenuta Le Cave is a charming natural terrace from which it enjoys a breathtaking view. Overlooking the easternmost valley of the Valpolicella D.O.C. and at the boundaries of the Lessinia Natural Park, the estate develops in a small village, characterized by an architecture deeply inspired by this land and which expertly fuses the ancient stones of Lessinia to Italian art and culture. You can mainly distinguish in the Main House, where the symbolic ceremony was held in front of the fireplace and Villa Macallè, located about 500 m from the main building, immersed in the quiet of the vineyards and at the edge of the woods.

The Villa is a detached house with three wonderful Suites. A perfect place for a very intimate wedding. A place to stay a few days and share the common areas, cook together, chat on the sofas, like a family.

Megan, the bride was prepared in the Lion Suite characterized by the large window overlooking the valley, flooded with natural light even in winter. Throughout the Antiquity and design estate, they are fused in an exemplary way, creating unique and highly sought-after details.

Megan’s wedding dress had to be white, slipped, with soft lines, with lace and precious details. The Giusy dress, from the Atelier Emè 2018 collection, which they proposed in Atelier in Verona, fully embodied all these elements and had an extra detail in the long, very long, sleeves in tulle (top trend of wedding dresses 2018) . Giusy is in fact a tulle dress all embroidered with micro sequins in transparency with important hood sleeves that create a long train of tulle.

Nathan, the groom has prepared himself in the Horse Suite which, inspired by the passion for horses, has an obstacle like a bed headboard and a beautiful view of the forest. Nathan did not want to be the classic groom in a suit and tie and was advised by choosing clothes from the Falconeri collection. We wanted something more enveloping and soft choosing for him a warm turtleneck in Alabaster ultrasoft cashmere under a blue navy tweed jacket. The dress code for this type of wedding is loungewear, comfortable but with style.

Every element has been studied in every detail: the invitations, the menus, the wooden place cards have been handcrafted by the talented calligraphy Martina di Bianchi Weddings and the original Nadir wedding rings in red gold, also handmade by Luca di My Golden Age, as well as Megan’s engagement ring with white opal and diamonds. To the already rich and complete furnishing of the Villa we only wanted to add plaids and cushions in cashmere made of Falconeri Home.

Another key element to create the Hygge style are certainly candles, lots of candles.

We have chosen to rent them (Lumi e Profumi) to have in large quantities and we opted for the wax lanterns produced by hand in various shapes and sizes in all the rooms of Villa Macallè where the wedding reception took place and in a special way for the ceremony before and inside the fireplace to recreate the fire effect.

To create a sweet Hygge atmosphere I proposed to Megan and Nathan to insert the olfactory element in their event with perfumes for environments and perfumes per person. People, in the long run, tend to remember more a scent that was in the air rather than something related to the sense of sight because the olfactory anchorage is very powerful. The anchoring process is designed to associate a stimulus, in this case a fragrance, to a particular experience, in this case the marriage. Anchoring is a method to access and re-access a particular emotion or series of emotions. Anchoring takes place in a natural way, but one can also think of creating it, so we talk about olfactory events. The olfactory event is in fact an event in which the olfactory aspect is not left to chance but is precisely tailored to create the aforementioned emotional anchors. With the master perfumer Lorenzo Dante Ferro, olfactory architect, you can create a tailor-made perfume, special, exclusive for your event.

As I had already mentioned in my diary this style does not require a large quantity of flowers, rather, prefers the use of green and is always a complement to the main set of candles. We have therefore decided with Elena Fiori not to include many and to focus more on the choice of design, materials and colors. The defined palette included in addition to white, neutral and natural colors with a touch of blue and gold. The flowers chosen for all the moments such as the snack and dinner table, the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s bouttoniere are mainly the cotton flowers and the blue thistle and then Elena wanted to give a definite touch of purple or better Ultraviolet ( color of the year 2018 for Pantone) with Tulips and Hellebore that Megan loved.

After the ritual toast, with a bottle of Tasi Prosecco DOC production of the estate, we have prepared a rich corner of the snack in the Villa with all gluten free products as the bride wanted. To create this table I needed natural products, homemade but also with a touch of taste and Nordic design. Giovanna di Brio Gluten Free Bakery has created for us all the gluten-free bakery products such as frolle with jam with berries, biscuits with some white meringues on top, a sumptuous chocolate donut with icing sugar; the hygge version of the drip cake, chocolate brownies and nuts dusted with coconut and a delicious naked cake. Together with these baked goods, bars with the three types of chocolate, dark, milk and white to satisfy the groom and then hot tea, coffee and chocolate to serve with meringues of sugar and chopped hazelnuts.

The corner of the snack is a fundamental element of hygge marriage because hot drinks and sweets create with their scent the atmosphere of home and the warmth of the family.

The afternoon continued slowly at Tenuta Le Cave between a game of chess and a song with the guitar, and while they were preparing dinner, Megan and Nathan took their pictures in the woods adjacent to Villa Macallè. They then reunited with their family and everyone around the table ate some good Italian food.

Cheers to Megan and Nathan!

“Time spent with others creates an atmosphere that is warm, relaxed, friendly, down-to-earth, close, comfortable, snug, and welcoming. In many ways, it is like a good hug, but without the physical contact. It is in this situation that you can be completely relaxed and yourself. The art of hygge is therefore also the art of expanding your comfort zone to include other people.”
Meik Wiking, The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living


Planning and conceptThe Wedding Party

Photography and videoAlberto e Alessandra Fotografia Italiana

Second shootersFrancesco Moreno Lionetti

LocationTenuta Le Cave, Tregnago (Verona)

Candles and parfumesLumi e Profumi di Giovanni Pedrolo

Master perfumerLorenzo Dante Ferro

Flowers and arrangementElena Fiori 

Bride’s gownAtelier Emè

Groom’s attire, guests attire and home accessories (plaids and pillows): Falconeri

Bride’s underwear: Intimissimi 

Wool socksCalzedonia 

StationeryBianchi Weddings 

RingsMy Golden Age

Sweetness e Wedding cakeBrio Gluten Free Bakery

MUAFrancesca Ferrarini

Hair StylistPoiano55