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PLAN B: rain hypothesis at your wedding … consider it now

I know that you do not really want to think about it, that maybe you’re a bit superstitious and do not talk about it that your worst nightmare will not come true. Yes, because for many brides, rain is just the worst thing that could happen that day.

Let’s talk about it instead: plan B must be there and must be at plan A level.

If that day, even with my help, you can monitor most of the things programmed and not, certainly you will not be able to control the weather … what to do then?

My advice is to immediately evaluate the rain and bad weather option. It is not a matter of “pulling oneself” into misfortune, it is a question of being prepared for everything.

What do you have to evaluate? Surely, first of all, the indoor or covered spaces of the location that you will choose.

How can you do? The data to start with is the number of your guests.

Imagine a terrible rainy day and evaluate all the spaces of the location with this type of weather. You can welcome all your guests from the aperitif to the party holding them in covered or closed and comfortable spaces (even if it’s midsummer)? If you are planning to do the ceremony in a location, consider this space as well. If you do not realize the capacity of the spaces assigned to the location that will surely tell you the maximum number of people that the hall or rooms can contain.

setting tables

I will tell you more, not all locations have a plan B but all can be expected a “rain solution”. What do I mean? to tensile structures to be installed on the lawn. The costs of this rain solution are not included in the rental cost of the location and will increase your spending budget. Ok, you fell in love with that wonderful location and there is no more to change your mind … put in consideration the additional costs at the end of the organization because the use or not of the structure will be decided only a few days before the big day according to time scheduled for the same day.

Why do I believe Plan B is fundamental? Having a plan B is always strategic and in the case of an event as important as your wedding have it allows you to live peacefully any weather condition, not to worry because there is a solution in any case.

Ok now I think you understand the importance of having a plan B. Do you like what propose to you the location?

Yes, because a thing is that it has (plan B) and another is that you like it.

It is precisely for this reason that I tell you that Plan B must be there and possibly at Plan A level.

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Once you find the location suitable for your style and the number of your guests, perfect even in case of rain, I suggest you define well with all the suppliers the spaces to use for everything. This will allow you to understand what are the movements that guests will have to do during the event and whether between one space and another are always covered or have to take the umbrella. One of the first suppliers to be consulted is certainly catering, which physically takes up more space than everyone from aperitif to cut the cake both in good weather (plan A) and in case of bad weather (plan B).

But if the weather is uncertain?

This is certainly the case that puts more in trouble catering but not only. The installation of the tables for the aperitif buffet and those for lunch or dinner takes time, as well as the preparation of the location starting from the ceremony area (if any). The catering and florists start preparing at least 3/4 hours before the expected arrival of the guests and it is at this moment, at the beginning of the preparation of the location, they evaluate the risk of using plan A or plan B in uncertain case of time. If it does not rain, but the risk of rain is high, they inevitably opt for the plan B. Aperitif and lunch/dinner tables are set early and then it is difficult, if not impossible, without creating discomfort to all, still change plan. The bride and groom are always informed about the decision made.

And if then it does not rain?

Ehh … it can happen … but if you assume that the primary objective of all suppliers is to meet your needs and preferences, you will understand that they have made the decision that allows them to provide the best possible service for the agreed service . However there are things that can always be changed during construction. Have confidence.

And if it rains?

Just think of the beautiful photos you might have in your memory album … and remember the umbrellas!

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