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same sex wedding

Same sex wedding … why discriminate?

No, I really did not want to talk about this subject because I find it useless and offensive … it is offensive to those who feel discriminated against by a label. A label always discriminates. We all attacked a lot of labels, many of them stuck to it and hurt. Why do I have to say that I organize weddings for homosexuals? I mean, why do I have to specify it? Of course I organize them, for me organizing goes beyond the sexual inclinations of my clients, the color of their skin, their nationality, religion and a thousand other differentiations.

Today I find myself thinking about this topic and I felt like writing it here on these pages, because it’s really clear how I think about it. I believe in Love with a capital L, I believe that love is the engine of everything and I believe that souls always meet for a reason and make pieces of road together in this world to learn together. It will not be me who decides whether it is right or wrong because I believe there is no right and wrong. In fact, I believe in another great value: Freedom. The greatest freedom is to be oneself, authentic, true. (here I have listed my values)

Let’s say clearly what changes in the organization of a same sex marriage from a straight marriage?

The answer is NOTHING. The difference in the organization, as well as for straight weddings, makes the wedding planner as a person, his sensitivity, the way to approach. And the great difference is made by the couple. The organization has steps that go more or less respected but the difference is made by the couple, with its needs, expectations, dreams.

There is no step in which, according to sexual inclinations, one thing or another is done, it does not exist.

To say that I organize same sex marriages seems almost ridiculous, now you can surely understand the meaning with which I say it. Discriminating is creating separation and separation inevitably leads to conflict. My idea is to create greater union, awareness, enrichment of the couple , even and especially during the difficult period of the organization of marriage.