Wedding day Coordinator service in Verona

The wedding day coordinator in Verona is a service that I consider STRATEGIC especially for those who have decided to organize everything on their own. Imagine months and months of work vanished by a lack of careful management of the wedding day.

How  you can realize that day you will be busy doing more …

Taking roles to close persons like mothers and siblings or friends is definitely a good way of involving these people in your organization, but beware of the responsibility you delegate. Just these same people, the wedding day will be very emotionally involved and any task, albeit simple, could be a cause of tension and discomfort preventing them from enjoying your wedding day completely.

But what could happen that day if we organized everything in the smallest detail?

It can happen everything; from the supplier which retards to the unexpected host. It is also true that if the involved suppliers are good professionals, they can buffer the situations that occur and very often neither you nor your guests know anything about it.

Wedding day coordinator Verona

So what do I need for a coordinator?

Unlike what you believe this service is not done just on the day of marriage. The service begins about one month before marriage, may start later, but no later than one week before the wedding. During this time you should already have chosen all the suppliers who will attend your event and then the coordinator will be at your disposal to carry out the duties listed in the prospectus below:

As you can see the tasks indicated in points 1 to 5 are all done in the previous period of the wedding, while the last 3 (from 6 to 9) are performed just on the day of the wedding.

In this scheme I speak mostly of supply management but the coordination service also includes the management of all guests.

Managing suppliers consists primarily of working the various professionals selected by the spouses in the best way by verifying only execution times and compliance with the agreements. The specific requirements of each supplier related to the proper delivery of their service (spaces and times) must be evaluated during the programming phase.

  • Dedicated spaces: All suppliers need to know where to go, both during the preparation phase and during the service delivery. (space for positioning material, boxes, loading / unloading, kitchens, unloading, for preparation in locations)
  • Preparation / Execution Times: Each vendor will indicate the best time of arrival at locations to prepare and best perform the agreed service.

As guest management is an integral part of co-ordination work, guests’ needs (transfer, diet, etc.) are translated into activities to manage the wedding day.

  • Transfer: Need to transfer guests from the facility (s) hosting them to the ceremony and reception venues and vice versa.
  • Diet: There is a need for special menus for celiac guests, with intolerances / allergies, vegetarians or vegans and children.
  • Hostesses: Host guest reception, accompaniment service and table accommodation, support service for all guests’ needs.

The coordinator deals with the detailed programming of each activity, with its timing, thus defining the Day Planning or Day Schedule that is shared with each provider and the spouses themselves. Fundamentals for the perfect success of the event are also the lists of guests used for transfers, to facilitate people in the dining and catering facilities needed to cater for people with special dietary needs.

The coordinator collaborates and interacts with each vendor, with the location manager, with the guests, and links all the bride and groom so that they are disturbed and interrupted as little as possible during the event.

The goal is to make you live your day without worry, enjoying every detail you have thought for you and your guests!

The wedding day coordination service is always included in the full wedding organization service but you can also buy it separately and live with my help the last preparation period. See here all my services.