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Why a wedding planner can change your life

Discover and evaluate the benefits

I swear, I swear, I swear that after this page I will not write anything to persuade someone to hire a wedding planner. Actually I don’t want to convince anyone, my purpose is purely “educational”.

How many of you are thinking of hiring a wedding planner to organize their wedding?

Have you ever considered the possibility of doing so?

As I told you I do not really want to convince anyone, but I urge people to understand how wedding planner can really change life during the long preparation period. I want you to evaluate the benefits.

What exaggeration …! you may think, but I would like to make you think about, point by point.

Let’s look togheter at the benefits of hiring a wedding planner


It takes time, a lot of time to organize a wedding. You can very well think of using yours, but since unfortunately it is not an infinite resource you will have to use your free time, probably a lot of your free time for 9-10-12 months. Did you think about it? How much is your time? Can you give it an economic value? money / hour? more / less?

Try to calculate how much it costs you this commitment considering that to organize a wedding a good professional takes about 130 hours.


The stress factor is inevitably planning a wedding and it is very normal. Keeping stress at an equally “normal” level can be difficult. The period from the moment you decided to say yes and marriage is a special period of life. A period already by definition difficult because it deals with a major change in status. It’s a transitional period in which single goes to be married but in the meantime one is in a sort of limbo in which it is difficult to define oneself. Getting help during this time can certainly relieve the emotional burden and maintain a healthy level of stress.


Focusing on your energy means concentrating it in those moments when it is absolutely necessary. In reference to the organization of the marriage means having a person who works for you and with you and you take action only to make decisions. Do not waste your time and energy on useless research but you are on the front line when you have to make the decision once you have selected it. We avoid waste.


Eliminating frustration allows you to keep the stress level adequate. Entrusting yourself to a wedding planner prevents you from feeling inadequate or demoralizing yourself because you can not do something or you do not know how to proceed … because it’s not your job. You entrust yourself to a professional because undoubtedly he knows how to do it better than you (you have to admit it!) You do very well in life.


This is a point that is particularly close to my heart. Support the couple if instead of spending hours in endless research, go out with him for a walk. Support the couple if you do not undermine the foundation of your relationship by focusing exclusively on the party. I do not want you to find yourself with a perfect party but an impoverished relationship.


Getting serene to the big day will allow you to experience it in an authentic and complete way. That day is just to be lived without concerns related to the organization. LET’S PARTY!

Organizing with the help of the wedding planner does not mean losing something important, it means being involved directly and constantly in the organization, making all the decisions, confronting the thousand doubts and fears that naturally arise by doing something that has never been addressed before. Having someone close by who knows these dynamics is certainly comforting, you will not feel alone.

Still undecided whether or not to hire a wedding planner?