• "I never travel without
    my diary.
    One should always have something sensational to read in the train.”

    Oscar Wilde

Dear diary…

Writing my wedding planner diary invites me to arrange and rearrange my thoughts and allows me to analyze situations I describe and the emotions I feel.

Writing is definitely a good way to:

  • clarify the ideas
  • to give it concreteness
  • to develop others

I find it good for mind and soul.

Claudia Martinelli

Wedding Planner

claudia martinelli wedding planner Theweddingparty
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Same sex wedding

same sex wedding

No, I really did not want to talk about this subject because I find it useless and offensive … it is offensive to those who feel discriminated against by a label. A label always discriminates. We all attacked a lot of labels, many of them stuck to it and hurt. Why do I have to […]

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Plan B: rain hypothesis at your wedding … consider it now

plan b rain wedding

I know that you do not really want to think about it, that maybe you’re a bit superstitious and do not talk about it that your worst nightmare will not come true. Yes, because for many brides, rain is just the worst thing that could happen that day. Let’s talk about it instead: plan B […]

Get inspired … Hygge Winter Wedding

Hygge Winter Wedding

Hygge Winter Wedding in Tenuta Le Cave, Verona, Italy




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