non chiedetemi di fare i fiocchi

Do not ask me to do the bows …

Not because I do not know how to do them, in fact I will tell you that I am also well enough, but because I believe it is not my responsibility to do them. With “bows”, however, I also mean all those activities that go beyond what is my main activity as a wedding planner.

The statement “do not ask me to do the bows” allows me to better explain how I interpret the figure of the wedding planner. Also
if there is very little to interpret, but you know how it is, everyone has his vision and works differently. I am a “pure” organizer and my job is to make ends meet, budget, timing, payments, agreed services, etc. and to coordinate all the suppliers on the day of the event, also managing all the guests. Wedding planner for me means this.

I strongly believe that the success of an event, of marriage, is due in large part to the team you work with, understood both as individuals and as a group. With team I mean just organic collaboration of several people to reach a goal. Every professional is like an element of an orchestra, he is a master of his instrument, he follows the music interpreting it without distorting it and makes his wonderful part of a wider context in which there are other musicians. In the orchestra all the professionals are led by a director who manages the interventions of each one following a plan, the score. The wedding planner is precisely that director on the wedding day and the score is the project that underlies everything. Would you imagine an orchestra without a conductor?

The choice of every professional is essential.

During the selection phase of the suppliers each professional is seen in his individuality, with his specific characteristics, being able to frame him even in a broader vision of the team I think it is just one of the tasks of the wedding planner. Choosing the members of your marriage professional team and defining everyone’s individual intervention, in time and manner, is as important as composing music. Music is the project but the melody and harmony are created by the whole of the individual elements.

Starting from the premise, for me basic, that every professional, photographer, video maker, florist, body builder, graphic designer, catering, etc. selected for the couple has acquired the skills to best perform his service, as a wedding planner I never interfere in the specific performance of his task. My task, however, is to have everyone’s control, to be a point of reference, if I would do anything else I would lose the broader vision I have to make sure that everything proceeds as planned.

Do not ask me to do the bows is not a stupid position, but is to let everyone do their job and do my best.

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