stile e tema del matrimonio

Style and theme of wedding are the same thing?

For me art and nature are great sources of inspiration.

When I first visited the Musee d’Orsay in Paris, I was very impressed by Claude Monet’s painting “La gazza”, a work I did not know and that perhaps for this reason I was captured by more than others already seen on school books . It was love at first sight so much that in the museum shop I was looking for the poster and bought it.

In this painting the white, in its thousand shades, is the protagonist. White is light, purity and light turns and becomes gray, blue and beige in their many shades. Browns return to earth, to its concreteness and rooting, while blue and gray are more ethereal, they escape, mingle, are air and sky, they are matter and shade.

“The Magpie” is the color palette I was inspired by the decor of my home. I love white, neutral colors, blue and gray with a touch of warm colors like terracotta and brown. The colors of this work and their balance are just the colors with which I built my new site, it was a belly choice and only after I realized that they were the same colors as Monet’s work.

Do you think this work has influenced my style choices?

How to deny it now that I told you so much about me …

Returning to what is my wedding planner profession when I talk about definition of wedding style and theme I’m not talking about something outside, but I prefer to start with the couple, how you are. To understand it I begin from what you like or what you are most attracted to, a work of art, a season with its colors, a special place, a city, a movie …

Style is just yours and represents what you are.

The consistency of the project with you is very much in my heart, because only in this way you can create your event as unique as you are. I don’t like the copies, though well done, but I prefer the originals.

Defining the style of the event is essential to begin the search for suitable suppliers, starting first of all with the venue’s search .

Style refers to the impression you want to give the wedding.

Style can be, by recalling stereotyped categories: classic, modern, vintage, rustic, provence, boho, botanical, etc. Do you say something about these terms? No? Very often, only those who are in charge of the work know the main features that distinguish one style from the other. Comprehending what style fit better on you, helps me understand better which one approaches your personal style and it can be a good starting point for defining a tailor-made project for you.

Is not already clear? Do you like them all?

I this way I try to work in another way. With a basic idea of what you probably do not like (sometimes it’s easier to say what you do not like), I propose a selection of locations that are in line with your needs (budget, number of guests, seasonality) and step by step I improve the degree of understanding of your personal style. Surely you choose something that is in your ropes and this allows me to figure out how to orient myself in subsequent searches. The starting point, in this case, becomes the venue on which the whole project will be built around.

But style and theme are the same thing?

No, while style is then the impression that one wants to give to marriage, the theme is characterized by one or more elements that repeat and characterize every aspect of the arrangement project. A conducting thread, the famous fil rouge, which is recognized in the details of all the wedding from the invitations at the culminating moment of cake cutting. It can be simply a color or a palette of colors, an element that distinguishes you, your passion, what you share.

The theme defines the style making it even more unique.

Defining the style and theme of your marriage is one of the mini-services I’ve been thinking of offering you by disconnecting from what’s the full organization. You can continue to organize your wedding independently by purchasing only the or the mini services you need to proceed. Read what are the mini services here.