winter wedding hygge mood

Winter wedding? Yes, but Hygge mood …

Hygge [HU-GAH] is part of Danish culture and is a term that means “being with loved ones in an intimate, peaceful and welcoming atmosphere”. More than a style, it is an emotional state. The idea is to create an intimate and comfortable atmosphere for the wedding day to spend time with family and friends trying to make everyone feel at ease.

Lighting candles and eating good food is certainly very “hygge” as well as surround yourself with decorations made with natural and very simple materials.

Hygge is the feeling of being at home, protected and warm, conversing with those we love, sipping a cup of tea, without haste.

How to make your winter wedding Hygge?

Let’s see it together in 10 points:

1. The candles

The candlelight of many candles certainly contributes largely to creating the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the Nordic environments in cold winter nights. Investing in candles as main decorations in a Hygge wedding is essential. In this case it is a must to use candles with a bright flame and not LEDs. Fire is the element that creates the warmth necessary to create the right atmosphere, helping to heat the environment. Password: a lot of.

You can also choose different sizes and with different supports or protections, but they are all white. Perfume or not? I suggest you focus on scented candles for the special moment of the ceremony, a unique fragrance will allow you to anchor this memory in your mind and you can relive it every time you feel the same scent.

hygge candles

Scandinavisk has created an entire line of products, candles and fragrances for the home, inspired by this Hygge philosophy with echoes of tea, strawberry cake, rose petals and wild mint.

Discovering the scent that will characterize your wedding, if you do not already have one, will be a pleasant excursion into the world of smell.

Hygge Skandinavisk

2. The fireplace lit

For the ceremony search a location with a room that has a fireplace and that can possibly be used. The lit fireplace will create a comfortable climate and will be the focus of the room. Set the schedule for the ceremony just before dusk. The warmth of the fireplace will welcome your guests and together with the candles will make the environment unique even with the use of very few flowers.

Hygge fireplaces

3. The venue

The idea of a comfortable home is the one that will guide you in choosing the location. You will enjoy the most of the spaces and furnishings at your disposal from the point of view of extreme relaxation and conviviality. Look for furnished spaces with large and comfortable sofas, rugs, fireplaces or stoves. Identify for each area a specific use: the ceremony, the games, the chatter, the photos …

4. Natural materials of different textures

Make the rooms even more comfortable using natural fabrics and soft cushions of different patterns, sizes and textures. Provide blankets of various types for guests who want to wrap themselves in softness and feel at home like in a warm embrace. Use wood with natural or raw finish, branches, tree blocks, pieces of logs as decorations or bases for candles.

hygge materials

5. Coffee, hot chocolates and herbal teas

How to pamper your guests even more? Waiting for dinner all together creates a corner where your guests can choose their favorite hot drink and savor it without haste. Homemade cookies or cakes will be perfect accompaniment. Enjoy the moment. Relax and do not worry about what you need to do later.

6. Dress code: Loungewear or super comfortable clothes

A very important element to make your guests feel completely at ease is definitely the clothing and therefore maximum freedom in choosing their most comfortable dress. Sitting on rugs or cross-legged cushions will be unavoidable and therefore convenience is the watchword. Soft and warm fabrics that they would wear at home after a day of work or during a weekend of super relaxation. Password: style.

7. Board games and chat … no more

The winter evenings are really long and finding ways to have fun all together seems to have become even more difficult. Board games like chess are perfect for creating an “unplugged” atmosphere. Try unplugging and unplugging with all the parts of the world that you do not care about now while remaining connected to those around you.

Remember to tell your loved ones to bring along old photos or albums in which you see your story … it will be fun to share old memories and remind you of people and events of your life.

Hygge unplugged

8. Not overdo

Hygge is not extravagance, style and decorations do not serve to impress your guests with wow effects but are designed  to create a warm and inviting environment so that your guests will never want to go.

9. Simple menu

Do not expect a dinner with many dishes, much less too refined … think rather of tasty dishes and traditional accompanied by good wines. What else? Even the decoration of the table and the equipment must be simple, aimed rather at soft lighting made only by candles in the centerpiece. Create an informal situation, a family dinner. To create even more atmosphere, put your favorite playlist in the background.

10. Who to invite?

Friends and family in the most exclusive sense of terms. Only with the loved one people you can feel the sense of the Hygge. Hygge marriage is a very intimate marriage because only people who know you well know what makes you happy and so you know it for them. Dining with them around a large table and sharing great food and wine is the best way to experience this mood.

Hygge style

Hygge is a marriage that involves all five senses to fully enjoy the simplest things like the scent of candles during the ceremony and that of the homemade cake for the snack; the sound of the words of your promises and the chatter with your loved ones around the dinner table; the view of the fire and the colors of winter in the garden; the soft touch of warm blankets and pillows, the taste of good food and good wine to share all together.

Credits: All the photos I used in this article are for free on the web or taken from Pinterest. The latter can be found together with many others, with the related links and credits, on my Hygge mood wedding board by clicking right here.

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